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Rinjani Trekking Club – Senaru – Rinjani National Park

Rinjani Trekking Club Senaru is based in Senaru, Bayan – North of Lombok, province of West Nusa Tenggara.Is a club for all Porters and Trekking guides for Rinjani National Park.

It’s established in 1989 with 10 member ( Porters and Trekking Guides ) and now with member over 100 Porters and Trekking Guides. Since Mt. Rinjani became a major tourist destination in Lombok, Rinjani Trekking Club Senaru grew bigger and now based in Senaru Village ,under Mr. Kayi as Organizer.

Since January 2003, the Gunung Rinjani National Park Project (GRNPP) has been renamed the Gunung Rinjani National Park: Rinjani Trek Ecotourism Programme (RTEP) to reflect the evolving emphasis in the programme’s priorities. In July 2002 NZODA changed its name to become NZAID. The programme has been operating from its Mataram office since October 1999.

This occasional newsletter has been developed with the National Park to help meet the Program objectives by networking information between the many and diverse groups who are concerned with Rinjani. These stake holders encompass national, regional and local government, local and international NGOs, conservation organisations, the wider tourism industry, village communities and all Indonesian and foreign visitors to our beautiful mountain national park

Company Name : Rinjani Trekking Club
Director : Zahari (Rinjani Trekking Club)
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Address  : Dusun Batu Koq, Desa Senaru, Kecamatan Bayan, Kabupaten Lombok Utara
Mobile/WA/IMO : +628175754551
Email : rtcsenaru@gmail.com
Official Ssite : www.rinjanitrekkingclub.com

For further information, please kindly Email us at :
Text massage for 24 hours reservation at :
(+62) 817 5754 551 ( WA )

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